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Month: June 2015

Integrating Interactive Notebooks(IN)


Being a Karkhana teacher is also an opportunity to explore new things in teaching-learning process. We experiment with various tools and techniques that might enhance classroom experience. One of the things we wanted to integrate in our class was an interactive notebook (IN). We experimented with IN ourselves for a couple of months and we’re now taking it to class.

IN is a replacement of regular notebook that enables students to be creative thinkers. Students get a chance to process information given by teachers in their own way. The right side of IN is called input, where the information provided by the teacher are placed and left side is called output, where students process and present the information in their own way. Read more


Dhading Diaries : Challenges of training in Dhading


When the aftershock struck midway through the training session, I could see uncertain faces sitting around in the room. Located on the second floor, the training hall had a single door for entry and exit and the walls had multiple cracks. Nervous but resolute, the participants decided to continue with the session we were facilitating. The determination shown by the teachers to continue was praiseworthy. However, the 5-hour session, initially planned to be 7 hours long, had not started with the same zeal.


Read more




We needed a fun final project to end with for our next session on vibrator motors. Hasin found a “Bristlebot” video online that used a vibrator motor, battery and a toothbrush head. The vibrating motor, when attached on top of the toothbrush head, allows the brush head to move around as the vibrating bristles glide across a smooth surface.

The simplicity of the little Bristle-bot was impressive, but it still needed something to look even more appealing. We decided to make it look like a little bug. When the vibrator motor was turned on, it would look like the bug was crawling around.

I took on the job of creating the exterior for the bristlebot. During my hunt for possible materials to use for making the bug, I found a large (empty) bottle of Coca Cola. The red bottle cap instantly reminded me of a ladybug and I had my idea right there. I measured sizes to make sure the cap could completely cover the motor. Read more


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