“The year is 2050.

Everyone is busy staring at their screens, interacting with holograms, tapping their touch screens, or simply lost in virtual reality.

Physical activity has reached an alarming low.

And, obesity now plagues the human race.

This is the future.

And, you must save humanity.”

* * *

This was the premise for our Creative Computing class. The students have been tasked with creating physically interactive computer games, enabling them to escape their virtual realities and enjoy games that require physical actions. We let the students observe and play some games that we had designed. These games included a “Monkey game” that requires users to place their hands over IR sensors to move a virtual monkey left and right to collect bananas while avoiding monsters on the screen, “Balloon Pop” where users blow air through a microphone to pop a virtual balloon, a “Racing game” that has a DIY steering wheel used to control a virtual car to avoid obstacles, and a “Dance Dance Revolution” clone that requires users to step on the block indicated on the screen, synced to the tune of some popular songs. Throughout this course, the students will gain the skills required to build similarly interactive games.

So how did we build these games?

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