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Month: October 2016

Getting Hands On (K_Space Day 2)


We broke out our “maker hats” and toolkits first thing this morning, and got our hands dirty with some cool technology workshops: Antenna Making and Arduino for Beginners. The rest of the day was also full of capacity building, with a little art-filled lunch break in between.

Antenna Making Workshop

With just $5 worth of materials, Karkhana’s Irina Sthapit taught us to make the classic Yadi-Uda antenna, best known today for its as a TV antenna.

Building these from scratch was literally a nuts and bolts affair, involving precise measuring, drilling, sawing, soldering, and coaxial cable stripping. Read more


People Ready (K_Space Day 1)


The energy level was still high at the end of our first long day of the K_Space conference at the Karkhana premises today.

Twenty participants working across South and Southeast Asia have gathered to share our various skills and expertise, including educators, designers, social entrepreneurs, makers and the Karkhana team.

“Just to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse group is fascinating. You have a guy from Switzerland, a guy from England, a girl from Malaysia,” said Milan KC, principal of Gurukul school in the Pokhara valley. “I was very much struck by their way of thinking. It’s refreshing. You feel like you’re growing.” Read more


From Just An Intern To More Than An Intern || Part 1



After the earthquake that shook Nepal in April 2015, I decided to give my CIE* in October instead of May. This meant that I had to take a gap year.

I spent the first half of my gap year preparing for exams, and the second half applying to colleges in the US. This was definitely not what I wanted my gap year to be like – unvaried!

Aditi* suggested that I should intern at Karkhana. She gave me the name and contact information of the CEO and advised me to wear jeans (for reasons I still don’t understand). I fixed a date and time with Pavitra, did some research and decided on the jeans I would wear that day.

Pavitra was different from what I expected; she was actually a he. He told me that I wasn’t the first one to mistake his name for a woman’s. Having an androgynous name myself, I found I had something in common with the CEO who would later come to be one of the most inspiring people I’ve met and one of my many good friends at Karkhana.

Read more


Energy Mela – As a guardian


We are taught subjects varying from the universe to something as small as a bacteria. We are taught large numbers, even as large as a Googolplex to a number as small as  1/a centillion. Out of all this information stored in our memory,  what percent of it have we learnt by doing? Very less. Although it has been proven that people learn better when they do things practically, Nepal’s education system fails to provide such opportunities of learning.

However, the gravity of such a problem is decreasing over time. With the establishment of education based companies like Karkhana which try to change a classroom to a lab, young learners have a better opportunity to acquire, reflect, use and finally create from the knowledge that they have gained. Karkhana host workshops which teach children to explore their own methods of learning.  Karkhana works with the aim to bring new approach to the experience of learning and teaching. Read more


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