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Month: January 2017

K_Space: Team Rocket


The k_space event brought together educators and makers from across Asia to share ideas on teaching kids about space in a unique, hands-on way. The event was hosted by Karkhana in Kathmandu, October 20-29, 2016.

The participants chose to tackle one of the three projects statements, then worked in teams over the course of 10 days to develop and present their space curriculum concept. This is the story of Team Rocket.


  • Objective: Build a better water bottle rocket and teach kids how to engage with it.
  • Outcome: Tested and developed designs for safer launch, greater rocket height, and easier payload recovery. Developed a curriculum, and taught it to an actual elementary school class.
  • Team: Leo Jofeh, Priya Joshi, Sona Maharjan, Sumit Bam Shrestha, Sunoj Shrestha.

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Re-engineering perceptions — women in STEAM

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Vera Rubin

As part of my engagement with Karkhana I have been exploring various threads of thought around technology, amateur contributions to science and technology  and the interplay between gender and STEAM. The passing of Vera Rubin, a critical astronomer of the last century, precipitated some connections between different strands of conversations I have been having here in Kathmandu with women in STEAM and Rubin’s own experience as a woman in science.

Irina, a research assistant at Karkhana, speaks about her years in engineering school with disdain. As she entered the final year and was introduced to hands-on and other practical usage of theories she had learned through the years, and she had finally begun to enjoy the course. Projects were her thing, she hadn’t fared particularly well with memorizing derivatives but she loved bringing theories to life by making. Her final project, a quadcopter, not only worked perfectly but also looked presentable. But instead of encouragement, her teachers raised doubts about whether she had done it herself. Read more


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