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Month: December 2017

Merry Christmas!


Dear Karkhana Family,

Season’s Greetings!

Today is December 25, 2017. It’s Christmas and I stayed home all day. My initial plan wasn’t this. I wanted to go to work, see what gifts my Secret Santa got for me and also take a wild guess at who my Secret Santa was.You know, get into the holiday spirit like everyone else across the globe. But, like I often say, life isn’t a wish granting factory. I didn’t step a foot outside today.

My past few days here at work had been filled with the buzz of “Secret Santa”. I was really excited. Everyone was. I mean, it’s Secret Santa. Who wouldn’t be excited? A few close ones shared with me who their “Santee” was. “Do you know who is my Santa?” This was the question everyone asked everyone. I had a hard time keeping a straight face while answering this. But I saw a few people smoothly answering the question which often left me speechless. The Christmas buzz in the air wasn’t something you could easily deny, at Karkhana. The seasons greetings could be felt in the air itself.

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MIT’s Interconnected Embedded System


Technology has been in a climb that never stopped, every 18 months its power doubles. We ought to know and keep ourselves updated. As luck would have it, MIT’s Interconnected Embedded System workshop was announced open. After, going through different question the application form was finally completed. Out of approx. 120 like us, we got through the application process and buckled up for the journey ahead of us. The workshop kicked off on 27th July 2017 for a six week long journey at Karkhana.

Workshop was pre-designed by experts, from setting up websites for course resources to managing the desk arrangement in class. The workshop was planned to run for 3-4 hours a day with two days in a week. During the inception of the workshop, we were introduced to our mentors- Mr. Ashim Sitoula and Mr. Prayush Bijukchhe- who later on gave wonderful insight on Internet Of Things (IOT).It was a delightful session which gave us an opportunity to take one of our very first steps on building I.O.T.

During the first week, we familiarized ourselves with breadboard and connection of the teensy (our main micro-controller) with Organic LED and microphone. We connected Wi-fi module to our system in the following week. The outcome till date was outstanding, by giving a voice input to system, we could display it in text which was decoded with the help of Google API. In our next class, we discussed about the concepts in cryptography and developed python programs to code and decode a message. Moreover, we learnt to use Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) device and connection between client and server. Finally, we learnt to pin point our location with the help of GPS module and parsing algorithm.

With our workshop nearing its end, we were given an opportunity to showcase our skill and knowledge that we had collected in the past six week. After intense training and guidance, we were now capable of building our own embedded systems. We were ought to build something productive which could make our lives easier. Now, we had to present our project on Karkhana Mela which was scheduled on 23rdSeptember 2017. Both of us worked every hour we could in making an interconnected system that had multiple application. Some salient features of our system were: displaying Weather, GPS, and peer location. We had been burning the candles at both end to get the program debugged.

Finally, our final code and model was ready. We executed the code and watched it run impeccably, making it a permanent memory in our brain cell. By connecting to the internet through WiFi module, we could display current weather. Not only we could obtain our location but also could share locations to peer. For protection of our system, we even designed our own acrylic casing; made possible through laser cutting technology.  During the Mela, we presented our working with attractive big colorful papers reflecting our work. During five hour long fair, we had received many good wishes and praises for our work. Everyone was supportive and filled us with more enticing suggestions. Some of them even recommended us to use VHF and CDMA to improve our system range.

Overall, the project gave an enriching experience to us and was mesmerized in every way. In addition to learning about the I.O.T system, we also learned valuable life skills such as time management, research and team work. It was one of the most productive time we had ever spent. Not to mention, we also got a chance to meet and be part of an intellectual committee that spends every second of their day building their creative creations focused to make our daily life simpler.

– Anubhav Sharma & Oskar K. Shrestha


Sports’ Day 2017- Mamina rants


6th December, 2017 is my scariest day at Karkhana till date. I didn’t see a ghost, I didn’t get hit by a truck, I wasn’t ghosted by anyone. It wasn’t because I broke someone’s heart. It wasn’t because someone else broke my heart. It was because I was scared.

Starting off the day by going through the gallis of Ason and getting things ready for the Sports’ Day after coming at Karkhana, the day had a good start unlike most days. There we were prepping up for this and that and what not. Carrying tables on top of our heads, getting our hands covered with the white cement, making sure the riddles were ready and so were the treasures. It was a mixture- of rush, of excitement, of anxiousness, of memories, of challenge and  of determination.

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