Week 1: Illustrating co-workers

We will be following our in-house designer, Seetu Shrestha, through her designs, doodles and skills in the weeks to come! 😀
For the first week, we are sharing some of the doodles she has crafted inspired by our team members at Karkhana!

I started making different styles of illustration as an experiment this week. I usually make “gigantic studio” style illustrations but I wanted to try a digital painting illustrations.







(Right: is a gigantic studio inspired illustration. I tried making one of my co-worker Hasin Shakya because he has a scar on his head which made me think him as a electromagnetic person.

Left: Photo of Hasin Shakya.)

Images A is a co-worker of mine, Uttam. We were talking about how he came to Karkhana and his engineering stories. While talking to him, his beard made me interested to draw him in my style. Image B is a cartoon-ish character but with his beard 🙂  I tried manipulating his facial features into a cartoon.

P.S. This is what Uttam looks like! 😀

Hope you enjoyed Seetu Style: Week 1!