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Month: September 2018

Seetu Style


If you guys have been following this blog series, you all must know that Seetu hasn’t put any of her merch on sale till now. But people, times have changed now! Seetu is finally putting her amazing work out for sale this weekend!

Seetu will be at the Kathmandu Mini Maker Faire 2018 being held at Nepal Communitere, Pulchowk on 22nd and 23rd of September. Her stall will feature a few of her designs in the form of cute bookmarks and notebooks! Binita, a BeeCreative teacher, who has won hearts of many here at Karkhana with her crafty skills is also putting up some of her quirky and cute cards on sale at the Maker Faire!

So guys, get ready to mix your weekend with a dash of creativity and go support these ladies in their work!

Besides from that, there are a lot of good things happening at this free-entry Maker Faire! Check the schedule here and go visit the stalls!

See you all at Nepal Communitere, Pulchowk today and tomorrow!
-Mamina Shrestha


Karkhana Reads


Hi all! We are a  few days late for this weeks list of fun reads. But, hey, it’s better late than never, right?

  1. Have you ever wondered why our national flag is of an unusual shape? Hmm.. I have and Hasin seems to have found this piece on the Internet that tells us why.
  2. Sakar shared this article from Edutopia that tells us about the 7 Outstanding K-8 Flexible classrooms! Follow this link to know more!
  3. Jasna, our new member at KIC, did some research and reading for our ongoing KIC class: My City. And she shared one of the articles on an Aurora-like mystery called Steve.
  4. And from 11,845 kms away, Dipesh shared with us one of the shorter readings he had the past week on Cognitive Science and Cognitive Science Education. Find the PDF here!
  5. The Mafia grew in India because of the citrus market there! Roshan shared this essay with us that tells us more on that!
  6. Sakar found us an article from The Wired that tells us about the educational tyranny of neurotypicals.

The current school system is too rigid, and it’s designed for a different world.

Okay guys! That’s the list for this week! We’ll send you more soon! Until then, happy reading!

-Mamina Shrestha


Karkhana Reads


Hi all! Are you ready for this week’s supply of good reads?

Let’s go!

  1. What do you think is Earth’s oldest color? Rupesh shared a piece from How Stuff Works that claims to tell us what it is! Check the link to learn more!
  2. Hasin shared with us a few readings from The Wire, The Economist and also from The Indian Express on various topics! Find our more here:
    1. From The Wire, India, Hasin read a piece about what writer and activist Arundhati Roy shared at a press conference. Read more  on that here.
    2. What keeps Singaporean education at the top of it’s game? Find out more on that here.
    3. This another article tells us more about the arrests and raids on India’s prime activists and human right advocates.
  3. Do you think afternoon classes are better than morning classes or the other way  round? Inspired by conversations between fellow teachers: Anu and Sonam, Rupesh looked up this research paper that tells us about some interesting patterns!
  4. Sunoj shared with us this article that tells us why Physics needs Arts to help picture the universe!
  5. This article that Rupesh shared tells us how the kids of today are working more and learning little.
  6. Seems like the Singaporean Government doesn’t want it’s children to just ace in exams. They have the best schools in the world, but they are looking for more! Sunoj shared this piece with us.

Happy Reading, folks! 😀

-Mamina Shrestha


Seetu Style!


Hi guys! This week, Seetu has a ton of appreciation to shower for her mentors: Amogh and Rupak! Want to know why? Let’s find out from Seetu herself!

I have been working as a designer for the past one and half years. It’s not easy to start off as a designer when you don’t have a senior designer you can look up to. After my first 3 months of internship as a designer, I joined an IT company where I was the only designer and it was really difficult for me to grow as I had to learn most of the things via Google. Depending totally on the Internet didn’t help me grow much. Yes, I learned many techniques from the internet but it certainly isn’t the same as having a supervisor guiding you in all the steps you take.


I joined Karkhana 9 months ago, in December. Here, I was introduced to a senior designer: Amogh Dhakwa. He is a part time designer at Karkhana. I was very happy to have a senior designer working with me. And on top of that, he is one of the most humble person anyone has ever met who is always calm and happy. He is also very humorous and if you ever get chance to work with him you will see him making jokes about his own designs (despite of it being awesome as it is!).

I have noticed people asking him this question very often: “Do you ever get angry?” and he answers with a big smile: “No”. And I know it’s true because, trust me, I nag him a lot!

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you. ”

Amogh dai has always been the mentor that I needed. He is always available online for helping me, guiding me and giving me some feedback on my designs. I feel very happy to have him as my mentor. His feedback have helped me a lot. He has always pushed me to try new things and has always encouraged me to make more illustrations. There were times when I thought I couldn’t do it and at that time, Amogh dai would be always be there to encourage me to try more. Today, I want to thank Amogh dai for all of his suggestions and feedback that have helped me a lot and has guided me to grow as a designer.

Do give a thumbs up for his awesome designs in Behance.

P.S. He has always been telling me to launch my own merch but I haven’t been able to do so (Still trying to collect all my guts :P)


If  you have been following this blog series, you might have seen me working on a project: “WORKBOOK” for the past few months. For this, I have been working with another senior designer Rupak Raj Sunuwar Thugucheaa. He is also a part time designer at Karkhana. He is also a mural artist.

If you happen to visit Karkhana, you are most likely to see him with his headphones on which are always as loud as our speakers! 😛 At first glance, you might take him for a serious person, but he is also very humorous! But yeah, he is very serious about his work!

We have been working together in the Workbook project. And as print work is very new to me, he has been guiding me about all the small details that matters as a designer when we send it to a printing press. It would have been impossible for me to work on it without him. This is why, I want to thank Rupak dai for all this suggestions and insights!

Do give a thumbs up for his awesome designs and murals on Behance.

Thank you my mentors! 🙂  I will always look up to you guys in the years to come!

I, on the other hand, want to thank Seetu and Amogh dai for giving me the motivation I need in making my designs. I am only taking baby steps- but trust me, I could not have done this without the push you guys give me ^_^ Your feedback and comments have helped me a lot and I can’t thank you guys enough for that! And Rupak dai, thank you for drawing me as a character in the Workbook! That should give me my own little fanbase in the world of print!

-Mamina Shrestha


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