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Month: November 2018

Karkhana Brunch


Karkhana is organizing “Karkhana Brunch” tomorrow (November 17th, 2018). The brunch has been planned elaborately. Decorations, photo booth, fun activities, speeches, dances, catered food – you name it, the brunch has it all! Parents, family members and close guardians of all Karkhana employees are being invited to Karkhana for a fun gathering tomorrow. They say happiness is contagious, and maybe it’s for real. Mum has been excited about this for weeks now and I think the joy has caught on me too!

For all my schooling years, ‘Parent’s Day’ celebrations haven’t been of much grandeur, for me. My school sent out invitation cards, did a grand gathering with jam packed performances and stuff. But a huge crowd filled with people who rarely meet each others’ eyes on most days along with speeches that go on for hours, aren’t really the kind of events I would be happy about. However, my gut tells me that Parent’s Day at Karkhana will be a different story.

I have been a part of this company for the 16 months. While it’s a different story that on some days, I am too drained to talk when I am home; on most days, I have always had things to tell mum, dad and my brother. I tell them about the people my I work with, the students I meet and the teachers I talked to. And because, no one from home has actually visited Karkhana, I also tell them bits and pieces about how Karkhana Ghar – it’s red bricks, aesthetic doors and windows and beautiful flowers. You can say that I almost sound like a kid coming home from school and telling everyone about how her day went and what she learnt at school. And thinking about it now, considering the ‘education’ I have had at Karkhana, this place is no less than any school I could ever be a part of.

Tomorrow, I will show mum the beautiful flowers we have at Karkhana. Dad and I will marvel at how aesthetic Karkhana Ghar is and how beautifully it has been built. I will show dai all the favorite corners I have at Karkhana. And more importantly, my family will meet another family that I have grown so fond of over the past year 🙂

– Mamina


Karkhana Reads


Hi all!

This blog talks about a few books that I and Sabhyata read during the Dashain break we recently had and also about the books we are currently reading. If you haven’t read these books before, maybe you can add them to your reading list if they interest you!

Sabhyata shares her happiness with us in having got the chance to go back to the world of fiction 🙂 She got around to complete a few reads from the world of fiction:

  1. ‘Beatrice and Virgil’ by Yan Martel: That tells the story of the misadventures between an author and a taxidermist.
  2. ‘Keep the Aspidistra Flying’ by George Orwell: That talks about what happens to a man who decides that he’s going to stay away from the world of money.

Currently, Sabhyata is reading a quadrilogy by Elena Ferrante titled: Neapolitan Novels. She completed the first 2 books of the series titled: ‘My Brilliant Friend’ and ‘The Story of a New Name’; and now is onto the third book of the series. Sabhyata says, “It traces the life of two friends in 1950 Naples but anybody who’s ever had a best friend in whom they found both their soulmate and nimesis at the same time would relate to this series.”


I got around to complete “Buddha’s Orphans” by Samrat Upadhyay during the Dashain break. While telling the story of a single person, the book touches the life of many people and families. A sadly beautiful picture of Kathmandu from the bygone days got printed on my head while reading this book.

I am currently reading ‘A Book of Simple Living’ by Ruskin Bond and I am loving how picturesque his works are. The brief notes from the Himalayas are beautifully crafted!


Happy Reading!


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