Big scientific discoveries come out of the wonders recaptured by curious minds, nurtured with practical based learning approaches. This credo gave birth to the STEAM challenge ( science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) which has been incorporated by the event BHASWISHYA. For this mega event, five of the interns were chosen out of several applicants whose reviews are as:

                                                 WHY BHAWISYA??


“When I was applying for the internship, I came to discover that ‘Bhawishya’ is an event that is conducted yearly to explore students’ talent by emphasizing on STEAM. I vision myself contributing to this event from my personal experiences and learning something new and innovative. Besides these, I also want to understand children & help them have a better version of their life.”

– Dhirendra Khadka

“Being a science student, I always wondered about exploring and giving wings to my figment of imagination that I retained since my early schoolings. To my bad luck, I never got a chance to indulge in creative science events like exhibitions & competitions that “BHAWISHYA” has dwelt in. This mega event mainly focuses upon 8-14 age group students for enhancing their mental growth through project-based learning approaches. Maybe that’s why I was really fascinated by this national level event that is going to be organized at different geospaces of Nepal. I truly wanted to explore and mug up the new ideas and also contribute some of mine’s for making it a grand success.”

-Kriti Kajol Chudal

“As a social work student I always wanted to work with children and Karkhana was the right place for me to work with children where it has many unique approaches for children to learn. Before coming here at karkhana I didn’t know about the different projects it had been doing. At first, I wasn’t sure regarding my work and commitment to karkhana. So I joined in as an intern in Bhawishya. As I started to work here, I got to know more about the concept of “BHAWISYA” which they are doing for the children in the field of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). I was amazed by the methodologies karkhana had been using for child development. They focused on the students aged 8-14 years where they will get themes to solve real-life problems related to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using 21st-century skills. The friendly and cooperative working environment here at Karkhana changed my perspective towards this organization. I want to know more and also want to work for this upcoming event.”

– Rasna Vaidya

“Bhawishya sounded like a creative idea to me initially. But when I got to dive deeper on the subject, I realized that it has the potential to create a positive impact on the learning ways as well as for the kids and honestly, it’d be an honor to be a part of something so innovative.”

-Aagya Rajbhandari

I once went to Robotics Association Nepal and loved the makerspace there. Then, I learned that there was another company that was similar to it “Karkhana” and after going through its facebook page, I learned that Karkhana was like the movie “Big Hero 6” in real life.
So, when an internship opened at Karkhana, I wanted to get involved right away. And, later did I learn that it was for a Bhawisya Event. The event was going to be a big one in Kathmandu and I got really interested and now I am involved in it.

– Kunjung Sherpa