Karkhana has changed the way I look the world. The first time I heard about Karkhana, I was inspired. I was inspired by the idea and the works they do. I was fascinated by their work culture and their methods to use Maker Space to evolve the learning habits of a new generation.

When I heard about the Maker Mentor Pokhara, I was challenged to be a part of something thrilling. I was excited to experiment with learning by doing methods and help young people turn their ideas into actions. Roshan, our maker mentor trainer gave an engaging workshop for five days where I was again inspired to change the perspective towards the world and towards within.

Our new challenge was to organize an event Bhawisye Province 4 involving the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Design and Mathematics (STEAM) subjects where students work in a team of 3 to realize and solve real-world problems in Nepal by building the project/working prototype. And, believe me, it was fun and it was life-changing.

In a short time frame, we gave our 100 percent to the event where we worked hard, practiced pitching, reached out to schools, and most importantly we bonded with each other. We had a great time learning too. We learned the basics of organizing an event and the importance of 21st-century skills.

My most satisfying moment was the event day where I can see young Bhai-Baini working on their projects. They were implementing simpler ideas like an irrigation system, smart city planning, and waste management techniques into a prototype. Their involvement in their project seemed like as if they were meditating. Prajjwol, Anup, Bipana, and Amrit were helping participants with the tools and maker space. Binit, Shiwani, Bikram, Prakash, Rasna and I were making sure with the management of registration, food, crowd, stalls, awards, and guest.

Sumit and Anu from Karkhana taught us extraordinary things during our involvement in the project. Gaurav, Monika, and Pavitra were amazing and inspiring. We helped each other improving our mistakes, flaws, shortcoming, and imperfections. I am happy that I am a part of Karkhana.

Anoj Banjara