We are taught subjects varying from the universe to something as small as a bacteria. We are taught large numbers, even as large as a Googolplex to a number as small as  1/a centillion. Out of all this information stored in our memory,  what percent of it have we learnt by doing? Very less. Although it has been proven that people learn better when they do things practically, Nepal’s education system fails to provide such opportunities of learning.

However, the gravity of such a problem is decreasing over time. With the establishment of education based companies like Karkhana which try to change a classroom to a lab, young learners have a better opportunity to acquire, reflect, use and finally create from the knowledge that they have gained. Karkhana host workshops which teach children to explore their own methods of learning.  Karkhana works with the aim to bring new approach to the experience of learning and teaching.

I have come to this observation after I visited Karkhana’s Energy Mela(carnival). As I entered the venue a little ahead of time, I could see young learners preparing for the carnival. Some of them rehearsed for their presentations while others made sure that their games worked out fine. Some added their final touches to their games with a little glow of the LEDs while others admired each other’s works. The Mela hall was filled with enthusiasm and excitement.  The students had prepared games using the concepts of energy which includes Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Chemical Energy, Light Energy, Sound Energy and many more.

The carnival was packed with a lot of events. The students presented their energy concept games with the audience and showed demonstrations. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the savors of the games. It was great to see that the students had not only learned about the different types of energy, but also improved their presentation skills, learned to organize their ideas and even got a taste of working as a team. The students created their own rules for their games that has helped them understand the importance of rules. So it seems that Karkhana has been successful in bringing a new approach to learning.

Jasna Budhathoki

Guardian of Jenish Budhathoki