On Saturday, 2nd September 2017, students of grade 7, 8 and 9 from John Dewey School came to Karkhana at 10:30 in the morning.


After a brief introduction with the Storytelling Team, the students were split into two groups and taken for Karkhana Tours. Not only did they look around at our working spaces, but also asked a lot of questions regarding how Karkhana operates and how contents are designed and taken to schools. It was also really interesting to see the students analyze our working place in terms of its design and architecture. Having experienced a devastating earthquake two years ago, it was quite obvious for them to be concerned about what Karkhana had to go through during that phase. After a brief tour, the students moved to the Mural Room for their cluster-end preparation class where they worked in teams for certain projects and also prepared for the paper presentations.


Among the students present on that day, I got the chance to interact with a few of them and listen to their views and opinions. Aakifah and her friends were working on a project called: Single Motor Boat. They had also thought of a really interesting story of how a dog was rescued by their boat was also really nice.

As the teams were working to complete their projects, I asked Aakifah if I could share some of her time and talk to her for a few minutes. As soon as we sat down for a talk, the first thing she told me was that working on this project with her friends gave her flashbacks of the Science lessons she has had in her school. She also went on to add that because of the single motor boat that they were trying to build, she remembered what her teachers had said about current flow and magnets. Aakifah, who had once tried to make a pulley for a Science project at school before, said that working on this boat made her reminiscence the effort that she had put in during that project too. To my delight, she also shared that she liked how everyone worked at Karkhana and how everyone here was always so willing to help and answer any question she and her friends had. “Even though I know Sonam Sir is a teacher, it is really easy to talk to him and ask questions. And the environment here at Karkhana is so good. The energy I felt as soon as I entered the gate was so vibrant and now, as I am working on this project with my team the energy feels even stronger,” said Aakifah. Indeed, the aura within Karkhana sure is something that none of us can actually describe in words.


One of the things that I noticed as the students were all engaged in their projects was the YouTube playlist on shuffle playing lightly on the speaker. Noting this very thing was Aakifah, who went on to say that it was a really nice idea and that if the environment had been completely silent, it would have been a bit awkward to engage themselves in the tasks at hand.  Thank you, Sonam Sir for coming up with that idea!


Seeing the students’ satisfied smiles as they left Karkhana premises was what made my day that day. And I believe that their hardwork and dedication will definitely show their true colors at the cluster-end exhibition happening soon at John Dewey School this: Tuesday, 12th September!