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We are back with different interesting articles shared by our Karkhana members again.

  1. Sakar shares this article of an internal fraud happened in an oil factory in Moscow. The author vividly describes the situation of Russia when the US imposed sanctions against it, the dimensions of the oil industries, and the functioning of an organization at that time.
  2. Why are life skills important? Check out this piece shared by Sachet to find the answer!
  3. Eva found an article about six women raising their voices and working for the availability of clean water in Flint, Michigan.

    The government wasn’t listening to the adults, the adults [weren’t] listening to the government, so I thought [they] would listen to kids like me.

  4. Ever heard about zooming in and zooming out in Business? Have a read to this interesting article by The New York Times shared by Sakar.
  5. “I highly recommend it. It’s such a hopeful conversation about the current school-going generation and all their positive qualities,” says Sabhyata after reading this Reddit thread recommended by Suzan to her.
  6. We all know tourism is good. But people of Venice complain about over-tourism in their country. Find this article shared by Sachet from The Economist. 
  7.  Have you heard about deschooling? Check this article to find about deschooling and its reading lists found by Sunoj.

Happy Reading!