Like the past weeks, this week too, Karkhanauts shared around some  interesting reads!

Here’s the fourth week of Karkhana Reads:

  • Rupesh stumbled upon this article from the BBC that explores the poetic side of  tyrants who wrote verses – seeking solace, intimacy, or glory.
  • Sakar shared this read on a Thomas Kuhn who wrote a book titled ” The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” that altered the way we look at the philosophy behind Science.
  • Sakar was intrigued by the trusses we have in the 3rd floor at our office space. He went home to research about them and shared this read with us.
  • I was scrolling through the Kathmandu Post when I read this article on educational leadership.
  • Errol Morris is dissatisfied with Thomas Kuhn. Sakar shared this article from Nautilus where the author tells about how Kuhn hit Morris with an ashtray.

We’ll find you next week!

—Mamina Shrestha