Hi all! Are you ready for this week’s supply of good reads?

Let’s go!

  1. What do you think is Earth’s oldest color? Rupesh shared a piece from How Stuff Works that claims to tell us what it is! Check the link to learn more!
  2. Hasin shared with us a few readings from The Wire, The Economist and also from The Indian Express on various topics! Find our more here:
    1. From The Wire, India, Hasin read a piece about what writer and activist Arundhati Roy shared at a press conference. Read more  on that here.
    2. What keeps Singaporean education at the top of it’s game? Find out more on that here.
    3. This another article tells us more about the arrests and raids on India’s prime activists and human right advocates.
  3. Do you think afternoon classes are better than morning classes or the other way  round? Inspired by conversations between fellow teachers: Anu and Sonam, Rupesh looked up this research paper that tells us about some interesting patterns!
  4. Sunoj shared with us this article that tells us why Physics needs Arts to help picture the universe!
  5. This article that Rupesh shared tells us how the kids of today are working more and learning little.
  6. Seems like the Singaporean Government doesn’t want it’s children to just ace in exams. They have the best schools in the world, but they are looking for more! Sunoj shared this piece with us.

Happy Reading, folks! 😀

-Mamina Shrestha