Hi all! We are a  few days late for this weeks list of fun reads. But, hey, it’s better late than never, right?

  1. Have you ever wondered why our national flag is of an unusual shape? Hmm.. I have and Hasin seems to have found this piece on the Internet that tells us why.
  2. Sakar shared this article from Edutopia that tells us about the 7 Outstanding K-8 Flexible classrooms! Follow this link to know more!
  3. Jasna, our new member at KIC, did some research and reading for our ongoing KIC class: My City. And she shared one of the articles on an Aurora-like mystery called Steve.
  4. And from 11,845 kms away, Dipesh shared with us one of the shorter readings he had the past week on Cognitive Science and Cognitive Science Education. Find the PDF here!
  5. The Mafia grew in India because of the citrus market there! Roshan shared this essay with us that tells us more on that!
  6. Sakar found us an article from The Wired that tells us about the educational tyranny of neurotypicals.

The current school system is too rigid, and it’s designed for a different world.

Okay guys! That’s the list for this week! We’ll send you more soon! Until then, happy reading!

-Mamina Shrestha