Kidzone is dedicated space for kids from age 8 to 14 years old inside the Kathmandu Mini Maker faire. It celebrates the idea of making through activities, challenges, making, and competitions. The kidzone would have three segments to engage kids. Beautiful part of this is, the it is FREE.


Date: 24th and 25th September

Venue : Nepal Communitere (http://goo.gl/d4CCa8)

  1. I make I learn
    1. In this section there would be different stations of making activities. It would include making using materials like papers, electronics, colors, wood etc. In those multiple stations kids can engage themselves, there would be supervisors  to guide kids through the making process. Kids can come in the Maker Faire and there would be a dedicated space where there would be these stations. All the activities are hands-on. The activities are related to the subjects of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.


  1. Design Challenge
    1. Kids would be given a challenge and they have to complete a challenge by making the solution. The challenge would be shared on the day only to the kids. Kids can register their teams through schools too. We can accommodate max 20 teams in the design challenge for two days and selection is done on first come first serve basis. The challenges would use the skills like creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. All the materials would be provided by the organizers for the challenge.
    2. http://goo.gl/yugVBm – for registration


  1. School Level Science Competition
    1. Kids from age 8-14 can submit their science project and we will award different science project in different categories. When kids have to submit their project they can either submit a prototype with a project idea description or just project idea on A1 size paper (23.5 x 33 inches). We value every student having a project or project idea if they have understood the concept properly. Kids have to bring their project on the Mini Maker Faire on 24th or 25th. As the registration, the organizer would take the picture of the prototype and the documentation (A1 paper with description). We can also take spot registrations of the project and documentation in the makerfaire as well.
    2. http://goo.gl/BFCppw – for registration