There has been a lot of media coverage on the temporary camps in different areas around Kathmandu. We had been planning to run engagement workshop for the kids there but we were surprised to come across one very close to Karkhana at Salyani Durbar. There were around 15 families living there who are now staying in the temporary tents after the old building collapsed.

We have been teaching 17 kids from ages 6 to 14. Karkhana teacher Roshan noticed that most of the kids enjoyed Math challenges and decided to focus on geometry and fun Math tricks.

Day 6:
Today was the 6th day of our regular classes and Roshan and Ganga asked the kids to share their experiences of the earthquake with everyone. Here are two experiences that Sujan and Subekshya shared.

20150504_184708 20150504_184719

Two volunteers Ellen and Riya went to the camp in Uttar Dhoka and read stories from books provided by our friends at Kathalaya. The kids enjoyed the stories and were inspired by the illustrations in the story book to create their own artwork. Here are a few samples of what the kids made today.



Around 50 kids at Bal Mandir enjoyed the workshop facilitated by Sarita, Bilques, Suresh, Riya, Angirash and a few other volunteers. The kids made cutouts of their hands and shared what they liked and what they disliked.


Day 7:

Ellen and Riya went to Uttar Dhoka for the 7th day. Here are some of the artwork the kids did.

20150505_132142 20150505_132230 20150505_132359 20150505_132523


Day 8:

The camp at Uttar Dhoka continued for the eighth day. Ellen and Ganga engaged around 27 kids with artworks and stories. The children were very happy to see us and presented flower crowns and cards.