Dear Karkhana Family,

Season’s Greetings!

Today is December 25, 2017. It’s Christmas and I stayed home all day. My initial plan wasn’t this. I wanted to go to work, see what gifts my Secret Santa got for me and also take a wild guess at who my Secret Santa was.You know, get into the holiday spirit like everyone else across the globe. But, like I often say, life isn’t a wish granting factory. I didn’t step a foot outside today.

My past few days here at work had been filled with the buzz of “Secret Santa”. I was really excited. Everyone was. I mean, it’s Secret Santa. Who wouldn’t be excited? A few close ones shared with me who their “Santee” was. “Do you know who is my Santa?” This was the question everyone asked everyone. I had a hard time keeping a straight face while answering this. But I saw a few people smoothly answering the question which often left me speechless. The Christmas buzz in the air wasn’t something you could easily deny, at Karkhana. The seasons greetings could be felt in the air itself.

All the while that we waited for Christmas to come around, Secret Santas were at work on full swing. They left little notes of gratitude and showered lockers with gifts and chocolates and what not. I loved the spirit. The effort that everyone made to make sure they got the best gift for their “Santee” was really commendable. But there is actually something else that triggers a warmth within me seeing the effort that everyone put in to bring joy to someone else.

While the primary idea of Secret Santa was to, maybe, just kindle the festive spirit in the workspace, what I, personally, found was that it brought us closer. This game also added essence to our value- “We exist for our people”. At Karkhana, we have always existed for our people. It is the strength that each of us brings into the team that adds more joy and satisfaction to what we do and who we are. And the Secret Santa tradition did not only help to keep the spark alive, it helped us all ignite the fire even more.

While I had secret meetings, long chats, phone call conversations and long walks trying to help Santas come up with exciting gifts and “treasure hunt riddles”, a bigger part of my heart was warmed seeing the effort everyone put in. Though I couldn’t be a part of the celebrations today (for which I am still sad), I was really touched by how we all welcomed the cold and dreary winter nights with the warmth that we share and spread. I am more than happy to have been a part of the Karkhana family!

Dear Santa, I am still looking forward to the gift!
Dear Santee, I hope you liked the gift!
Merry Christmas, everyone!