36We as high school students had a very little or no teaching experience and we never thought that we would be teaching a class.When we were first offered the opportunity to take a class about arduino (a computing platform) for teachers of various schools, we were really excited as it would be a new experience and we would learn a lot. We, without a doubt accepted the offer as why would we miss such a great chance? .But, we didn’t realize that it would be fun . As it was our first formal teaching experience, we were nervous. But it was not long that we really started to enjoy it. We also experienced organizing the workshop, and making everything ready for the class. We got to know how the workshops are prepared i.e we were involved in arranging all the materials needed to run the class, collecting information relating to the workshop, and going through the plan in detail.

17We started the workshop with a small game where the teachers had to  find their partners by looking at the corresponding  names written on their back. And they were not aware about what was stuck on their  back, and would have to ask questions and interact in other to find their pair. After finding the partners, we settled down inside the classroom. The teachers were introduced to some basic components that they would be using that day as well as “ardublock”, a drag-and-drop coding software which they used to program their arduino. The main objective was to teach the teachers how technology can be integrated while teaching to make learning experience more fun and practical. The whole atmosphere was really energetic and the teachers were really very interested in what they were learning because of which they grabbed the instructions really quick. This learning spirit made the class really interactive and fun for all


At the end of the class, they all came up with some really smart and exciting projects. Some projects included digital greeting card, a security system at the bank, traffic light, etc.  It was great to see the teachers think of such interesting ideas and actually managing to complete it, that too in less than 3 hours of their first time being introduced to arduino and breadboard.


After the end of the workshop, we had a small talk with quite a few teachers. They all agreed that students would learn better and grab things quick if similar examples are shown practically in front of them and asked to play with it themselves.They all mixed up really well and interacted with us and took a handful of things to share with their students. Some of the teachers also mentioned that they would share this experience with their students which also includes making based  practical examples and asking the students to explore it on their own. The next time we organize such workshops, we will keep in contact with the teachers so that we can find out what they did after the completion of the workshop. It was really a very memorable day and we wish that we get such opportunities again.

-Apekshya Sitoula and Aarogya Rijal