Seetu was working in an illustrated gift for her best friend this past week. Let’s look into her journey this past week as she made a special something for her best friend!

While making digital illustrations, I start by making a rough sketch in a piece of paper. When I am done making the sketch, I scan it. 

Then, I use the sketch as a guideline for my digital drawing.

While converting my sketches into digital illustrations, there are a lot of things that I change from the initial idea. I believe that the final product doesn’t necessarily have to be same as the initial idea.

After a long process of creating the shapes, changing them and matching the colors, I finally came up with a final design for this illustration!

I made this illustration for my best friend, Garima, who was leaving for the UK for her higher studies. It took me a toil of two long nights to come up with this illustration of me and Garima. I am really happy with how the design turned out to be! ^_^

After I was done with the illustration, I thought of printing it on a bottle so that she could carry her personally customized bottle in her university and also remember to drink plenty of water 😉

Here’s a huge shoutout from Karkhana team to Seetu and Garima and a kudos to their friendship! ^_^
Garima, we hope you have been drinking plenty of water in your cute bottle!

– Mamina