6th December, 2017 is my scariest day at Karkhana till date. I didn’t see a ghost, I didn’t get hit by a truck, I wasn’t ghosted by anyone. It wasn’t because I broke someone’s heart. It wasn’t because someone else broke my heart. It was because I was scared.

Starting off the day by going through the gallis of Ason and getting things ready for the Sports’ Day after coming at Karkhana, the day had a good start unlike most days. There we were prepping up for this and that and what not. Carrying tables on top of our heads, getting our hands covered with the white cement, making sure the riddles were ready and so were the treasures. It was a mixture- of rush, of excitement, of anxiousness, of memories, of challenge and  of determination.

The clocked ticked 9:30, the tracks were marked. Then we all sat down for the “back-to-school” episode- the rumal lukai. The “rumal lukaune” person singing – “Yo kukur le kaslai tokcha?”. All of us singing at the top of our lungs- “Malai tokcha!” That was the moment my heart ran a bit faster. “Now, this is scary, don’t you think?” It thumped. “It’s alright, we can do this,” I hushed back. There I was hushing at my heart, asking it to face it all bravely, with a buzzing hearts around me. This is exactly what I remember of my school life. The buzz. More than a few rounds of running around in circles and there we had our winner.


For the next round, we had the Donkey race- a combination of spoon race, “who finds the coin first” and sack race. After two rounds of the challenge- two winners and my heart still raging inside me. Calm down, will you?


The challenge that the angels of inventory had prepared made Saroj, Tsundu and I learn how to solder. For someone like me, who enjoys having a pencil at the tip of my fingers, seeing soldering rods as soon as I entered the Mural room was a twist.


My empty stomach already filled with buzz and excitement, now had a bowl full of spicy jhol laphing to finish.

Heart – “Girl! Since when do you eat spicy stuff?”

Voice in my head – “You signed up for this. Get over it!”

And I did get over it and gulped down the whole bowl of the slippery, spicy laphing through my throat. I can still feel a bit of it dancing inside me. Somewhere.

People lined up with bowls filled with spicy ramen. The bowls filled with red, hot and spicy ramen. I still couldn’t quite comprehend where does all that spice fit inside us. Then, there were cycles and scooters on standby at the other sides of the track. Slow cycle-scooter race was one of a kind. I love playing Asphalt 8 a lot. But this race was something I hadn’t heard of before and something that was quite interesting to watch too! I mean who cycles and rides the scooter by hitting the brake and not accelerating? Kudos to the ones who came up with this idea!


The musical chairs was a whirlwind. We applied the TMPI rule here- Pavitra patting the mic to create music and then Nikhil tried his best to make the speaker play some music. No luck there. Then, Pavitra brought a bell from somewhere and tada- music ready! After more than a few rounds of running around the chairs, rock-paper-scissors and trying so hard to get a seat safely, this came to an end.


Then, came the paper dance. I wanted all the participants to slow dance in this round. More so because I wanted to listen to slow songs and keep a steady heartbeat. But never mind that. People want fun. So, I downloaded songs on my phone – the ones I never liked, and let people have their share of fun.


The Table Tennis tournament had almost slipped my mind entirely. But I accidentally ended up at our Maker Space and there it was! I didn’t understand a word people spoke there, let alone the numbers they screamed from time to time. But I sat down and watched, tried desperately to get something good enough pictures. In a spur of the moment decision, I raised my hand when Shrijan asked for interested participants. This was the game my brother tried to teach me when I was younger but I never did. But here I was, taking random stupid decisions. No regrets, though.


Tug of war! My already scared heart was now more than scared. Listen to the name itself- it has “war” in it. I am taking things too far, aren’t I? But that was exactly what I was thinking when the match began. I must say that this was the game that got the buzz higher today. At least for me. Teams all lined up, ready to pull and put in all of their strength. Thank you, Pavitra for making me feel like I could handle seeing all of that!


The anxiousness only doubled by the time the “Treasure Hunt” began. I knew the riddles. I knew where they led. Some of them, at least. People were running around all over the place looking for clues that only led to other clues. I can only hope that everyone enjoyed the treasure hunt!

A few sips of tea here and there to keep me steady all day. Telling Niharika about- what I was going through, what my harsh decisions were making me go through. Sitting down with Shrijan, Sabhyata and Rupesh during the few minutes I had saved for myself today, is going to be something I will cherish forever. Thank you, Karkhana family for making the Sports’ Day a grand success!