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Matribhumi bee-ing creative


Our classes at Matribhumi runs every Friday. Grades 5-6 and 7-8 have their turns on alternate Fridays. We take 40 minutes class content for each grade. Suresh conducts classes for grades 7 and 8. Similarly, I along with Samir engage grades 5 and 6.

Students are very excited and it takes quite sometime to channel their energy into a fun learning experience more than just fun. Yes! our classes are different than their regular classes and their expectation is fun. Fun: Why not? we can have fun while learning too. And that’s what we are trying to help them understand. We create an environment where they try out new activities and explore “interesting concepts”on their own, discuss those concepts in groups and present their understanding by developing stories based on facts, experiences and imaginations. Read more


Engage and Learn


11701123_880592845362047_7708574511089035548_nThe children enjoyed playing with the vehicle models they had built themselves. The bright faces of the students reflected their confidence with the subject matter. With enthusiasm and excitement, the room was bursting with energy. But it didn’t start out the same way. Just an hour earlier, these same children had been staring at the string and pencil, figuring out how the combination worked in making circles. The freedom for exploration and the absence of instructions meant most of them had to work through a number of failures. Some get it right the first time while others take their time in making things work. This is a normal energy flow sequence during an experiential class at schools.

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