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Talking to satellites I – making your own DIY Yagi-Uda Antenna


While studying about Yagi-Uda Antenna in a boring Engineering class, I never imagined making one myself. I recently joined Karkhana to help out in their new project focusing on space exploration and DIY satellites. This year Karkhana Innovators’ Club is focusing on space exploration and DIY satellites by running three separate sessions. Through this program we intend to send  two small satellites into space within 18 months and create a science based curriculum around space technology for Nepali schools.

On the very first day at Karkhana, we went shopping for some old antennas and a duplex radio. Unfortunately, we could not find any that matched our requirement. Instead, we ended up buying a TV card. After returning to Karkhana, Hasin suggested that we make our own DIY Yagi-Uda antenna and see if we catch Nepal TV or Kantipur on our computers. At first I thought he was just kidding but after realizing he was serious, I was startled. The Yagi antenna that I had once studied only for the tests and grades was going to be built by me for a real experiment. Read more


DIY Satellite – Book List


The idea that it is now possible for individuals and small organizations (like Karkhana) to design and send their own satellites into space was lingering somewhere in my awareness for at least a year. I am not sure about the exact moment it grew into an obsession… but for last 3 months or so I have been totally consumed by this idea. So I have been doing a lot of research, talking to anyone who will listen about it and tinkering a bit of with the technology needed. Thought I would share some of the reading material, links, interviews etc I found though a series of blog posts. Today’s post is about books!

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