It isn’t that easy not having a face. I mean, all the other cups do. And although I’m supposed to be tall because well, I’m a giraffe. No! I mean I have a giraffe! I’m really not that tall. My diameter isn’t that impressive either.

I remember my first day, here. With all the nervousness running down my throat, I was really afraid of this “new house” that I was going to be a part of. Most of the cups had faces on them, with similar colors, similar little scattered tools and the exact same letters on them. Although I was nearly as white as they were, I just couldn’t blend in. I thought I was too childish, too loud, too colorful, too foreign to be there. Also, I wasn’t from the same background as they were. I didn’t have all those tools drawn on me. Trust me, I felt like I didn’t belong there with all the other mugs.

As people came in the kitchen, I noticed how the features of the people aligned with the faces in the cups. THEY WERE THEIR CUPS! But surprisingly they rarely drank from their respective cups. They’d just choose any cup, they’d choose every cup. And guess what? Just the day I came in, people appreciated how I was different and unique and well, cute too. AND I GOT DRUNK FROM TOO. Woah, I sound drunk. I mean they drank from me.

The best thing about this place is you don’t necessarily have to belong to that “background” to be a part of it. You don’t have to have tools engraved on you. You don’t have to be the same shade. And people will make and share and clean and place you back where you were. Here, you can always be different and add value. Besides, I’ve been used so many times, I think I have stains, that are similar to theirs.

– Yaman Thapa