Art & Tech Festival

Art+Tech may mean one thing in Europe and another in the US. But what does it mean in Nepal?

With Yantra 3.0 we aim to find out.

Yantra began because we love gadgets, electronics and robots. While our robot competition is still the biggest and baddest in Nepal, we want to push beyond that with Yantra 3.0. We want to explore what will happen when we mix a 1000 year old traditions like metal & wood work with sensors & programming. We want to understand how contemporary Nepali artists will integrate technology into their practices. But most of all, we want to provide a venue where Nepali techies are freed from the limitations of making a product and our artists are freed from the limitations of producing only those things that conform to the ‘exotic’ image of Nepal.

Please continue to check this page, as we announce exhibits and artists for the festival.