म सुन्छु , म बिर्सिन्छु। म देख्छु , म सम्झिन्छु। म गर्छु, म बुझ्छु। I hear, I forget. I see, I remember.I do, I understand. एक्काइसौँ सताब्दीमा सफलताकालागी केही कुरा थाहा मात्र पाउनु भन्दा नयाँ कुरा सिकी रहने मानसिकता हुन जरुरी छ। For succeeding in the 21st century, a learning attitude
is more important than knowing things.
केही बनाउने र सिर्जना गर्न सक्ने सीपले नै हो हामीलाई मान्छे बनाउने। Making is what makes us HUMAN! हाम्रो दुनियाँ गीलो माटो जस्तै छ। यसलाई तपाईंले चाहेजस्तो आकार दिने सीप र साधन हामी दिन्छौँ। The world is malleable. We give you the tools
you need to reshape it.
भविष्यवाणी गर्ने उत्तम तरिका भनेको भविष्यको आविष्कार नै गर्नु हो। The best way to predict the future is to invent it.


Karkhana is a social enterprise that focuses on giving students the right skills and attitude so that they can solve problems on their own and eventually build their own future. We strongly believe that makers today are the shapers of the future. We create learning kits for middle-school students as making teaches children to be resourceful, to reshape their own environment, to solve novel problems, and thus makes them confident in the face of novel and unexpected problems.
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