5 Fun and Simple Stretching Exercises For Kids

With the massive outbreak of the novel corona-19 virus almost worldwide, we are definitely afraid of it and taking extra caution by staying at home right now. With the completion of 1week of lockdown and additional 8days more of lockdown might have created more fear, boredom and thoughts in our mind. Many institutions have started “work from Home” policies to try prevent the further spread of disease. Schools, colleges have been closed and school going children are in the risk zone for boredom and ideal minds. But the best way to combat all these is being prepared and keeping yourself happy, healthy and entertained.

As we all know the use of social media, video games, gadgets are more among school going children and teens. And now it is like we can’t even stop them to use because everything is shut, no playing with friends outdoors. So in that case we might not be using it productively and also excessively. Excess of everything can cause harm. Likewise use of laptops, videogames and phones continuously for hours all day can cause various muscular pain and acute spasms in any part of the body like neck, legs, back which in the long run can cause more effects. So here are my few suggestions on how to stay pain free while still doing your table work and playing games on the phone.

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No posture is ideal but every next posture is an ideal one

  • Changing your position every 30mins will keep you away from pain and any postural abnormalities.
  • Instead of bending your neck, bringing your phone near you reduces pressure on the neck.

Neck stretches

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  • Prolonged use of gadgets will cause neck pain because of continuous bending of the neck. So moving your neck in every direction and holding it for 15 seconds will be useful.
  • If not done then can cause headaches also.

Arm stretches

  • Outstretching your arm front, sideways and upwards is helpful for mobility.

Back stretches

  • Bending forwards, backwards and sideways in between activity reduces any kind of pain and encourages mobility.

Leg stretches

  • Outstretching your legs and trying to touch your toes with your hands.
  • Do left right left.

These are few simple ideas of staying pain free while still enjoying things you do. But furthermore exercise is also important because staying together in tight space exacerbates stress and no release of energy from our body makes us lazy and brings many other systemic health effects also.

20 minutes of brisk walking, 10 minutes of jogging and 10 minutes of stairs climbing with some other specific muscle strengthening exercises is more useful for the physical and mental wellbeing.

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