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Karkhana is a social enterprise that focuses on giving students the right skills and attitude so that they can solve problems on their own and eventually build their own future. We strongly believe that makers today are the shapers of the future. We create learning kits for middle-school students as making teaches children to be resourceful, to reshape their own environment, to solve novel problems, and thus makes them confident in the face of novel and unexpected problems.



We created Karkhana to nurture a spirit of innovating locally so as to make a global impact. We want to empower people with the skills & attitudes that will help them build their future and the future of their community.



How will we achieve our vision? We will make learning fun!

We will do this by showing children creative ways of using science and technology. Children will learn how science and technology can help them solve the problems in their own lives, in their community, in their country, and globally.


We exist for our people

Karkhana’s first and biggest responsibility is to its own team. Only with an honest understanding of individual aspirations can we achieve our collective mission.

We evoke emotions through our work

The best learning happens when our learning experiences are emotionally rich and meaningful. The best learning experiences are created by people who feel emotionally engaged with their work.

We push boundaries in everything we do

In our work we try to go past what we already know and break new ground. We have a commitment to relentlessly looking for the real edge of what is possible within our geographical and socio-economic constraints.

We share beyond to catalyze change

Realizing our vision requires more than our effort. So we share our knowledge and enthusiasm freely to catalyze other institutions and individuals that want to walk the same path as us.


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