Hovercraft: DIY Science


Before we begin:

How does a car move? A car moves with the help of circular wheels right? Do you know any kind of vehicle that moves but does not have wheels or any moving mechanical parts? Today, you will build a prototype of such a vehicle that glides over a surface with the help of air.

Materials required:

  1. A balloon
  2. CD 
  3. Bottle cap
  4. Iron Nail (to make holes on bottle cap)
  5. Glue gun

Video Instruction:

How did it happen?/ Talk like a Scientist

The balloon in the above prototype acts as a pressurized gas chamber. The small hole in the centre of the CD forces the air escaping from the balloon downwards.This creates a layer of air between the CD and the table. The escaping air creates opposite force upwards which lifts the hovercraft off the ground. This is the same as explained by Newton’s Third Law of Motion. The CD spreads out force evenly along the bottom of the hovercraft. The layer of air also helps the hovercraft move by reducing the friction between the CD and the ground.

More videos:

Keep Learning! 🙂