Water Pouring Challenge : DIY Science

Before we begin:

How will you pour water from a bottle to a glass? You will say that’s a very easy task. Just grab the bottle, tilt at the opening of the glass and you get water on the glass. But wait, do you wanna show some magic to your family while doing so? Know the science of being a magician.

Materials Required:

  1. A plastic bottle
  2. Straw
  3. A glass
  4. Scissor (to make a hole)
  5. A balloon

Video Instruction:

How did it happen?/ Talk like a Scientist
The balloon is an elastic material. When you blow inside it, the balloon tries to return to its original shape. In the above experiment setup, the balloon plays a vital role in the magic(pouring the water without touching the bottle) to happen. The air inside the balloon escapes hence increasing the pressure inside the bottle. You can see that one end of the straw is dipped underwater and the other end targeted at the glass(on air). The pressure inside the bottle is higher than the outside pressure. This is due to the air escaping out of the balloon towards the bottle. When the inside pressure increases, water rushes to flow out of the bottle through the way of straw. This is because of the difference in pressure. The water rushes out in order to balance the pressure inside the bottle.

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Keep Learning! 🙂