Rotating Paper Cup: DIY Science

Rotating Paper Cup

Before we begin:

Can you rotate a paper cup without touching it? Well, this might sound like a tricky question. Today we will learn to make a paper cup rotate for a longer time than you used to do.

Materials required:

  1. Two Paper cups
  2. A candle
  3. Paper cutter
  4. A piece of strong wire (that can be bent to any desired shape)

Video Instruction:

How did it happen?/ Talk like a Scientist
In summer, the rate of wind that blows is more than in the winter season. This is because of the temperature. In the summer season the temperature of the earth’s surface is always high comparison to winter. As the temperature rises, the air near to the surface gets heated. You probably know that when air gets heated, its density decreases and starts to rise up. When the hot air starts to rise up, cold air flows in to occupy that space resulting in blowing of the wind.

The above experiments show the exact phenomena that occur in nature. The hot air rises and escapes from the slots made in the paper cup. While escaping, the air pushes the fins making the paper cup rotate. The transfer of heat is due to the movement of molecules. Transfer of heat by such a process is called Convection.

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Keep Learning! 🙂