Let’s celebrate making!!

Looking for ways to make, learn, and win?

In the month of Bhadra, Karkhana is celebrating ‘Karkhana Maker and Innovator month’  where we will be featuring and appreciating our makers. Thus, this DIY Challenge is a part of it.

Below given activities,for young makers (7-13 years) are brought to you by Karkhana in collaboration with Techpana (leading technology-focused media platform in Nepal). These activities are doable at our home and with very simple tools around us.  So, what you have to do is make any of the DIY activities given and send us a video of you making it. From those videos, we will choose some interesting ones and will provide you some gift hampers. Also, we will feature you on our Facebook page!!

1. Balloon Powered Car

Newton’s 3rd law of motion i.e every action has equal and opposite reaction is what you can learn from this activity. For more details watch the video below 🙂

2. How to make a hoop glider?

This activity will give you some idea of how airplanes fly in the sky. For more details watch the video below 🙂

3. How to make a fox puppet?

This is paper crafting and based is on the idea of storytelling.  For more details watch the video below 🙂

4. How to make a foo machine?

This DIY activity will give you an idea about the wheel and axis and how these simple machines are helping us to make our daily work easy. For more details watch the video below 🙂

“Let’s celebrate making”

Karkhana Maker and Innovators month