CEO Appreciates: Maniraj Thapa

Lokendra (aka Maniraj Thapa) joined Karkhana 3 years ago. Currently, he is one of the members of Karkhana Operations. He is part of our finance team, a team who interacts with school and other clients with transactions. He is also our purchase officer making sure inventory has all the materials which are required in our classes.  He is active in our online task management system as well uses online communication tool very actively.

Wait. Do you know Lokendra started out as a Security Guard at Karkhana? More on that, he also completed his SEE while he was working with us. I still remember other Karkhana members teaching him Science and English. He also got his bike licence last year. Looking at Lokendra makes me realize what growth can mean to a single individual. Realizing we are directly working with 6000 students, I acknowledge the responsibilty and potential we carry to influence so many lives. Karkhana has grown with the growth of people like Lokendra.

P.S. These days you can find him practising table tennis in the evenings at Karkhana, but still he hasn’t been able to beat me. I am sure he will beat me one day, because he hasn’t stopped practising.

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Pavitra Bahadur Gautam