Karkhana Make Program

A program that engages learners on the basics of robotics, electronics, and engineering to solve real world problems.

For grade 3, 4, & 5

Why Karkhana Make Program?


  1. Helps children to adopt with upcoming world of technologies and machines
  2. Enhances critical thinking and problem solving attitudes from a small age
  3. Provides something fun and interesting beside curriculum based learning

How Can a School Integrate karkhana Programs?

1.Contact Karkhana’s team Email: communication@karkhana.asia Phone: +977 9801888824

2.Meet the team to Understand the School’s need

3.Sign MOU as an agreement to work together

4.Receive Product & Service Delivered

5.Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Karkhana team



Video: Making with Karkhana Make

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