Karkhana Makerspace Program

A lab where students and teachers can be innovative and bring their most creative ideas to life with elements from a science lab, a computer lab & even a workshop.

For whole school

Why Karkhana Makerspace Program?


  1. A room/corner/lab with STEAM kits
  2. Additional tools and materials
  3. Formation of STEAM Club
  4. with student centric boot camps
  5. Resources for teachers to integrate STEAM learning activities in classroom
  6. Access to digital content & resources designed & curated by Karkhana for both teachers & students
  7. Additional STEAM Kits & materials to conduct STEAM programs inside the school
  8. Access to exclusive “Innovation community” managed by Karkhana

How Can a School Integrate karkhana Programs?

1.Contact Karkhana’s team Email: communication@karkhana.asia Phone: +977 9801888824

2.Meet the team to Understand the School’s need

3.Sign MOU as an agreement to work together

4.Receive Product & Service Delivered

5.Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Karkhana team


Starting from Rs.48,000

Video: What does the Makerspace include?

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