Karkhana Science Program

Turn your classroom into lab of discoveries

Karkhana science program is designed for those schools willing to integrate STEAM as part of their curricular program and want to change their traditional teaching methods to hands-on activity based learning.

For grade 6, 7 & 8

Why Karkhana Science Program?


  1. Makes curriculum-based science learning fun, and practical
  2. Conduct the activities of Science practically
  3. Children will learn different science concepts by doing with their hands
  4. Conceptual learning of scientific phenomena

How Can a School Integrate karkhana Programs?

1.Contact Karkhana’s team Email: communication@karkhana.asia Phone: +977 9801888824

2.Meet the team to Understand the School’s need

3.Sign MOU as an agreement to work together

4.Receive Product & Service Delivered

5.Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Karkhana team

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