Karkhana Story and Engineering program

A kit that connects stories and ideas that children find intriguing with the concepts of engineering. In other words this connects literature with science for our little makers.

For grade 1, and 2

Why Karkhana Story and Engineering Program?


  1. Introducing engineering as a mindset from small age 
  2. Connecting engineering with stories that children find interesting
  3. Developing habits of both reading and making.

How Can a School Integrate karkhana Programs?

Contact Karkhana’s team


Email: communication@karkhana.asia

Phone: +977 9801888824


Meet the team to Understand the School’s need


Sign MOU as an agreement to work together


Receive Product & Service Delivered


Provide Feedbacks & Evaluation with Karkhana team


Price: Nrs.1700

Video: What's inside Kit?

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