Conversation among School Leaders of Pokhara

Karkhana conducted an online conversation with school leaders from Pokhara.

  • The conversation was moderated by Mr, Roshan Bhatta, one of the core team members of Karkhana.
  • The conversation was held among
    • Mr. Dinesh Shrestha, Principal, Pragati Secondary School, Pokhara
    • Mr. Tribhuwan Sharma Baral, Director, Motherland Secondary School, Pokhara
    • Mr. Diwakar Joshi, Principal, Hillpoint Secondary School, Pokhar
    • Mr. Roshan Bhatta, Teacher
    • Ms. Anu Shrestha, Public Relations Manager, Karkhana
  • The conversation was focused around the actionable items in time of this pandemic to ensure that learning continues.
  • Following are the highlights of the conversation:
    • As the students are currently spending their full time with parents, the role of parents to ensure the learning is very much vital.
    • Motivating teachers and students to continue learning is very essential and challenging.

This conversation was our one of the attempts  to identify needs among school leaders and teachers. Karkhana is willing to be a platform for the educators who want to integrate their teaching pedagogy with technology.

This FGD was our one of the attempts to help school leaders and teachers about the various ICT and google tools, familiarizing them with these tools and further processing and assistance Karkhana and GEG will be providing to the schools.

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