Conversation among School Leaders of QKS (Quality Kathmandu School) and Karkhana

QKS is a group of private school leaders in the Kathmandu Valley. The group works to collaborate among member schools for professional development of school.The conversation was held among QKS School leaders and  moderated by Mr Sunoj Das Shrestha, Head Teacher at Karkhana.

The video of the conversation is here:

  • The conversation was held among
    • Ms. Diptee Acharya, Academic Director, Sanskriti Int’l School
    • Ms. Kamana Regmi, Principal, Nisarga Batika
    • Ms. Shailaja Adhikari, Principal, Euro School
    • Ms. Ayushri Rana, Alok Vidyashram
    • Mr. Kumar Thapa- Principal, Brihaspati Vidya Sadan
    • Mr. Chandrayan Shrestha, Principal Carribean School
    • Mr. Ranjeet Thapa,
    • Mr. Kapil Regmi
    • Mr. Pragesh Rajkarnikar, Public Relations Manager, Karkhana
    • Ms. Rakshya Chand, Public Relations Lead, Karkhana
    • Mr. Samaya Khadka, Public Relations Manager, Karkhana
    • Mr. Sagun Khadka, Public Relations Manager, Karkhana
  • The conversation was focused around three agendas:
    • What are the challenges the school leaders are foreseeing due to COVID 19 lockdown situation?
    • How can these challenges be tackled?
    • What kind of support would help school leaders adopt online education?
  • Following are the highlights of the conversation:
    • One of the biggest challenges is to get teachers onboard with the idea of online teaching.
    • Making online learning resources accessible to all the students is a huge challenge.
    • Not all teachers and students have infrastructure at their home to support online teaching and learning.
    • Teachers need at least two weeks of training on using online tools for them to get familiar with tools and to integrate it with their teaching practice.
    • Online classes does not mean a student sits eight hours in front of a camera and screen and listens to teachers. Online teaching can be done with less face to face online interaction and more of self paced learning activities for students.
    • School leaders need to identify a few team members who are comfortable using ICT and leverage their skills to train others.
    • Only the know-how of online tools is not enough, teachers need to learn integration of such tools in achieving their learning objectives.

We would like to thank Ms. Diptee Acharya for taking the initiative to call a few QKS school leaders in just four hours of time and also for sharing her insights to tackle the challenges raised in the conversation. Karkhana is always willing to be a platform for the educators who want to integrate their teaching pedagogy with technology.

Karkhana is facilitating a two hours of online workshop on how to use Google Classroom on 3rd April 2020 from 2pm to 4 pm. Please fill the online form to sign up for the online session: The details of the session and link will be sent via email.