Conversation with Premier International IB School III

Karkhana conducted an online discussion with School leaders from Premier International IB School around the well being of the staff and how to work efficiently from home.

  • The conversation was moderated by Pragesh Rajkarnikar, relationship manager at Karkhana.
  • The participants of the conversation were:
    • Pravina Thapa, Curriculum Director, Premier IB School
    • Mangolika Chakroborty, Middle School Coordinator, Premier IB School
    • Minaksi Gurung, Primary School Coordinator, Premier IB School
    • Pavitra Bahadur Gautam, Chief Executive Officer, Karkhana
    • Rakshya Chand, Chief Sales Officer, Karkhana
  • The conversation was around 2 main agendas. Well being of people and Working from Home.
  • Questions asked:
    • Are any organizations in Nepal prepared for this?
    • What tools are we using for working from home?
    • How are people emotionally feeling?
    • How do you supervise the staff?
    • Do you see this crisis sustaining a permanent change in future?
    • We have talked about internal communication but what about the client facing functions?
    • How will these changes affect productivity?

The video of the conversation is here:

We would like to thank the Premier team for being available for these sort of discussions which will benefit other educators as well.

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