Digital Tools for Collaboration

On, 23rd March, 2020 Mr. Pavitra Bahadur Gautam shared n the tools and ideas  that are being used in Karkhana in the last 5-6 years. This was done via Facebook Live from the Karkhana Page. You can watch the video here. Please share the blog with other people who would find this helpful in this time of crisis.

In the extended version of this live video here we have shared a breif on ‘Digital tools for Collaboration’ that can make your life easier and help you connect to this digital era of learning. Hope this will be helpful for you.

The brief topics on the digital tools covered in this video were:

These topics are briefly described below.


  • Free
  • Has the best ecosystem for collaboration and have all the things in one space
  • No programming or database skills required
  • No software installation required
  • Integrated with Google apps
  • Class Calendars Can Be Shared.
  • Parent-Teacher Communication Is So Easy.
  • Parents Can Help Students From Anywhere.
  • Everyone Is Familiar With Google.
  • Google Apps Are Compatible With Almost Everything.

1. Gmail:

  • Huge free storage space: 15 GB
  • Online anywhere access.
  • Cheaper and less manpower (only you!) to maintain
  • Store Instant Messages (IM) and video conferencing
  • Easy search and organization
  • Good Security of data

2. Drive:

  • Backup Your Precious Files.
  • Send Large Files to Family, Friends or Co-Workers.
  • Use Google Drive App to Access Documents.
  • Efficient Built-in Search Engine.
  • Share Photos and Videos with Your Contacts.
  • Open and Edit Various Kinds of Document.

3. Docs / Sheet/ PowerPoint:


  • Accessibility. With Google Docs, employees can access the database 24/7 wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Easy to Learn.
  • Free.
  • Import/Export Flexibility.
  • No training required, same as Microsoft Word


  • Gradebook. Easily organize and access your grades anywhere with Google Sheets!
  • Organize Resources.
  • Explore and Share Graphs.
  • Use Templates.
  • No training required, same as Microsoft Excel


 Auto Backup – Files automatically backed up. No more risk of accidentally overwriting a file.

  •  Restore – If a team member or if you manage to mess up a file, just restore to an earlier or even original version.
  •  Import – If MS Powerpoint files are simple, it is easy to import. If complex, then may need some rework.
  •  Links – Probably one of the simplest out there. Easy to add links within the presentation, other Google Suite files or internet.
  •  Access – Since the files are on the cloud, access it anywhere i.e. PC, Chromebook, Android etc.
  •  YouTube – Inserting YouTube videos is easy.
  • Images – Inserting images is easy. You have a choice of searching with Slides or just search and then copy over and format as needed.
  •  Free – It is free.

4. Hangout :

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • HD Video Calls
  • HD Group Conferencing
  • Auto Screen Focus
  • Intelligent Muting
  • Compatibility with multiple computing devices
  • Built-in screen sharing
  • Hangout on Air
  • Integration with other Google applications (In hindi)

5. Youtube

  • A place for teachers/students to learn.
  • for kids
  • Videos are interesting and engaging.
  • A wealth of resources from experts.
  • Visual and audible means of learning.
  • Watchable anytime and place.
  • Easily shared.
  • Students can contribute themselves.

6. Google Calendar

  • Create a new calendar for different profiles
  • Schedule meetings with groups using “Find a time” or “Suggested times.”
  • Add a Google Hangout to your event.
  • Add attachments.
  • Enable your world clock.
  •  Enable working hours.
  • Email event guests.
  • Add specific meeting locations.
  • Use desktop notifications.

 7.Google Keep: 

  • Easily Copy to Google Docs
  • Share and Collaborate With Others
  • The Keep Widget: Always On, Always Live
  • Transcribe Text From Images
  • Set Reminders


  • Mobile: Asana also offers mobile apps for iOS and Android. Most features are available on mobile, but they may differ between device types and with our full web app.

Asana Video:

Trello Video:

  • Work, Project, task management :
  • Projects: Organize your work into shared projects as lists or boards for your initiatives, meetings, and programs.
  • Tasks: Break work into manageable pieces for you and your team.
  • Subtasks: Break up a task into smaller parts, or show additional steps to complete an overall task.
  • Task assignees: Give tasks a clear owner, so everyone knows who’s responsible.
  • Sections and columns: Group tasks into sections or columns in a list or board project (respectively) to keep tasks organized, or match your workflow stages.
  • Due dates: Due dates ensure every task gets completed on time. You can view tasks on an Asana calendar, or even your work calendar.
  • Due times: Specify the time something is due so you don’t miss a deadline, and everyone will know when you need it by—no matter their time zone.
  • Attachments: Add files from your computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box to any task or conversation.
  • Likes: Acknowledge a task or comment, say thanks, give a thumbs up, or vote for a task with a like.
  • Tasks in multiple projects: Keep the same task in multiple projects to show work in different contexts without duplicating efforts.


    • Effective communication: Slack supports how people work, making collaboration easy and efficient.
    • Channels: Based on anything — teams, projects, or even office locations — and you can create as many as you need.
    • Direct Messages: A substitute for an in-person 1-1 conversation, easy way to catch up with a teammate,  quick and simple way to ask questions.
  • Notificationscan choose to receive notifications on your desktop, your mobile device, or by email. Slack notifications can even be customized by channel
  • Mentions: an easy way to notify team members and get the right eyes on important information  @mention

For beginners, you can go through link below

Zoom/ Skype

  • Clients for Skype for Business Online.
  • Instant messaging, presence, and contacts.
  • Skype-to-Skype audio, video, and media.
  • Federation and public IM connectivity.
  • Skype for Business Online meetings.
  • Security and archiving.
  • Exchange and SharePoint interoperability.
  • Skype for Business Online administration and management.

Facebook Groups and Calls

  • Facebook is free and is heavily used by everybody.
  • Availability: A 24/7 communication channel with your students, co-teachers, and parents.
  • Improving language skills.
  • Bring in the parents.
  • Bond with your students.
  • Collaboration.
  • Productive sharing.
  • Creating Polls Quicker and Take Feedback Immediately
  • Build up community
  • Social Networking

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