Female Leaders at Karkhana

Rakshya Chand, Public Relations Team Lead

Its been long ,I have been talking about shy faces. Today I have someone who loves to connect with people. A happy face who loves to lead. Rakshya Chand joined Karkhana in 2015 after the earthquake. I was sitting in an interview for another organization where I saw Rakshya who came in for the interview. I later called for an internship at Karkhana which I dont know why she agreed to. Rakshya loves talking to people and is a free spirited person but is very firm and good at what she does. she can even scold people if it is needed. She is not afraid to stand up, but afraid of cats.

Rakshya completed her BBA from Kings college while she was with Karkhana. Rakshya is the one who helped build financial processes in Karkhana in our early days and eventually became the member of the core team at Karkhana.Rakshya is currently doing her MBA in Kings College with full scholarship which Kings college provides us to encourage our initiative.Two years ago she moved on from financial and operations team to Public Relations team to lead it. After that she has rebuilt the team and has been leading in new corners of educational space and connects us to the rest of the world

Apart from being a good leader she loves engaging herself in artistic practices, loves to doodle and heena too. If you need heena services then contact her. She also does doodling as a hobby and also for organization if you have a good contact with her. She is sooo good at negotiating that she is the best person at Karkhana whom you can take for shopping.

Sangden Lama, Teaching Team Lead

A cute, little, furious female leader of Karkhana. Sangden Lama also came through our Maker mentor Program and interned at Karkhana for a few months. After that, she joined us to help manage the Inventory for some time.Sangden loves to cook and tries many recipes while she is at home. But she is not as good a cook as her mother. Because I know Sangden’s mother feeds me every day. Not just me but she provides home-cooked lunch for 4-5 people at Karkhana. We call her mother our Annapurna.

Sangden is a very disciplined person, very selective and very minimalistic in many ways. She loves to make very detailed plans and follows them religiously. She is one of the most driven and career-oriented women I have met in my life which is seen in her passion to grow and learn. She is also a strong believer of women empowerment and helps for personal and professional growth of many of her female colleagues. No wonder, Sangden leads a community of more than 10 teachers at Karkhana. She is also one of our teacher trainers and she is really passionate about teaching.

Sangden is popular in karkhana with her clothing style. She is one of the most well-dressed people and people go to her for ideas, even me at times. She does give feedback. Oh yeah, Snagden can scold you in the face so no one takes her lightly about work m she can be fierce too when it’s required. But Sangden is curious, kind, and empathetic. She loves pets and has a cute dog named Pema.Last year Sangden attended Global Bio Summit in MIT representing Karkhana and also presented about Kakrhana’s teaching philosophy at New York University in Abu Dhabi. Sangden also leads to Karkhana’s educational collaboration and organizes teacher development programs and events.

Sangden is learning to build long term strategies for her communities which is the topic of discussion we have these days and I am happy because people like Sangden are the one who is shaping Karkhana.

                                                  Happy Women’s Day!


Pavitra Bahadur Gautam

CEO, Karkhana