Innovative Approach to COVID: Social Distance Learning & Networking

Karkhana, as an education organization we are trying to make sure we become a platform for many similar voices like ours. And in this difficult times, we are putting our differences aside and coming together to build better unity and build stronger response in education sector. Here we are introducing an innovative approach to this situation, for promoting education and networking.

The COVID-19 pandemic is foremost a health crisis all over the world, but it has also affected all other sectors. In the context of Nepal, one of the affected sectors is the educational system, leading to the widespread closures of schools and universities and pushing the SEE exam. With the ongoing lockdown, these students are now uncertain about what to do and how to proceed.

These changes have certainly caused a degree of inconvenience, but with the new age problem, we need to get a new age solution. So, with the same motivation, a bunch of young individuals started a group called “Social Distance Learning (SDL) – For students” and “Social Distance Networking (SDN) – For young individuals”. Both the group has the same objective “learning, sharing and teaching” through a collaborative platform i.e Facebook Group (as it’s the most used and accessible platform for people in Nepal).

Social Distance Learning (SDL) – For students, it is targeted to students, parents, and teachers. As all the parents might not have well-informed ideas about the subject material and reach to the teacher also might not be feasible all the time. So, this is a platform for students to help them with their academic/non-academic questions, explaining the chapter’s concepts and exchanging learning materials. Also, we are encouraging this platform for different ways of problem-solving. Different individuals can bring different ideas and methods for solving any particular problem. Either the student or parent (if the student does not use Facebook) can post questions and people from the group (students, teacher, passionate educators) can respond with the solution.

On the other side, Social Distance Networking (SDN) is for young individuals to learn through collaboration and discussion, and share learning materials that might interest the other group members.

Let’s not stop learning and sharing amidst this crisis!