Karkhana Computing: कारखाना सिकाई | अब घर बाटै

Karkhana Computing Classes

For grade 3 to 8

Normal fee: Nrs 1300

For Class Registration: bit.ly/karkhanaclasses2

Coding, Graphic design, Tackling disinformation,  online safety

Karkhana Computing has three themes:

  • Digital Citizenship:

We help students become responsible members of the online world. They become aware of the risks as well as opportunities on the internet and thus can make better, well-informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Computational Thinking

We help students become makers of technology from being mere consumers. By learning to code, they get a new medium to express themselves in more creative ways. In the process, they also learn the important skills related to thinking and problem-solving.

  • Design and Communication

We help students understand how everything around us indirectly communicates through visual appearance and how we can make it better and more effective through design. They learn the fundamentals of graphic design and related tools.

Features of Karkhana Computing Classes

  • Facilitator: Karkhana Teacher
  • Duration of live class: 60 minutes
  • Live class days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Flipped classes: Learning through online articles, videos, assignments provided by the teacher via Google Classroom
  • Each theme will run for one month

For Class Registration: bit.ly/karkhanaclasses2