Karkhana Free Sessions कारखाना नि:शुल्क सेसन

Karkhana is organizing free sessions for students and teachers in the 3rd week of Shrawan.

कारखानाले श्रावणको तेस्रो हप्तामा विद्यार्थी र शिक्षकहरुलाई लक्षित गरी नि: शुल्क सेसनहरु आयोजना गर्दै छ।

Registration for Teachers Training/ शिक्षक तालिमको लागि दर्ता: https://bit.ly/KarkhanaFreeToT

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about extremely uncertain times and has had an impact on not only our economy but also in the education of the younger generation. A pandemic of this magnitude impacts the academic calendar, and with it, it can derail all the progress our students make.

As educators, we know learning doesn’t need to stop, especially not when we are safe at home. Many educators reached out to our organizations asking for support in Digital Learning.

Karkhana is organizing a series of online training programs for teachers, and before we begin, we would like to understand your comfort level in using online tools and online facilitation to better design the session.

Registration for Scratch Session / Scratch Sessionको लागि दर्ता: https://bit.ly/KarkhanaScratchSession

Over the last decade, computing has moved from manipulating just bits (i.e. the digital world) to also interacting with atoms (the physical world). In this online session of Scratch, students will learn basic concepts of programming skills using Scratch, a programming tool for children created by MIT.

पछिल्लो दशकमा, कम्प्युटि केवल बिट्स (अर्थात् डिजिटल विश्व) लाई हेरफेर गर्नबाट आणविक (भौतिक विश्व) सँग अन्तर्क्रियामा सारिएको छ। Scratchको यस अनलाइन sessionमा, विद्यार्थीहरूले Programming सीपको आधारभूत Concept सिक्नेछन्।

Age Group= 7 to 13 (७ देखी १३ वर्ष )
Time = 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (1 hour/१ घण्टा )
Requirement: Laptop and Stable Internet (ल्यापटप र इन्टरनेट)

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/karkhana.asia/