Karkhana Make: कारखाना सिकाई | अब घर बाटै

Karkhana Make Classes

For grade 3 to 9

NRs. 1300 + Nrs 700 (Make Kit)

For Class Registration: bit.ly/karkhanaclasses2

Electronics, design thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, 

Features of Karkhana make Classes

Today’s kids are mostly consumers of technology, Karkhana Make program will help them to be producers of technology.

  • Facilitator: Karkhana Teacher
  • Duration: 60 min a day at max
  • Class days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Flipped classes: Guided by Teacher, instruction sheet and video via Google Classroom
  • Pace: Student paced learning at home
  • Materials: Project-based kits for robotics delivered at home

Robotics(JR) ,Naked motor ,Battery ,LEDs,Resistors Students will learn the basic concepts of the circuits 

And learn to make a fun project  

Design thinking(JR) Aluminum foil, DC motors, LDR, Motor, Buzzer Students will learn how to solve the problem in their surrounding and go through multiple Design thinking workshop
Entrepreneurial thinking(JR) Students will learn about the Entrepreneurship in Nepal, hear the journey of various  Entrepreneur in Nepal and build the project that can be sold
Robotics (SR) Geared motors, Acrylic wheel, resistors, led, Battery Students will be introduced to four basic concepts of robots and given various problem to tackle with
Design thinking(SR) Battery ,pulley ,thread,aluminum foil Students will be introduced to the concepts of design thinking and ask to solve the problem in the real world
Entrepreneurial thinking(SR) This session would understand the idea of entrepreneurship, what it is and what is not, also in this session participants will be able to learn about brainstorming techniques they can use in the groups. And also learn about the business modeling process.

For Class Registration: bit.ly/karkhanaclasses2