Karkhana Science ICT Resources


Karkhana science is based on the national curriculum of Nepal. The national curriculum of Nepal for middle school was upgraded in 2077 B.S. Based on the new science curriculum, Karkhana offers lessons that include use of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).


This webpage is dedicated to the ICT lesson of Karkhana science. Here’s how the curriculum defines the topics to be covered under ICT.

Information and communication technology

S.No. Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8
1 Introduce and give examples of traditional technology and modern technology Introduce and be able to give examples of ICT technologies. To be able to use usual ICT technologies.
2 Describe the uses of computers and mobile phones in daily life To be able to introduce the internet, emails, and browsing. Introducing search engines, websites, and ISP.
3 Distinguish laptop, desktop, tablet, iPad, and smartphones as computers. To be able to do basic calculations, create tables and charts in spreadsheet software To be able to give a simple definition of social networking sites and use them.
4 Understand parts of computers To be able to take photoes and edit them. To be able to introduce cybercrime, code of conduct, cyber laws, digital footprints, digital citizenship, and internet security.
5 Create a table, enter, compile and manipulate data in word processors. To be able to understand the types of computer viruses, removing them, and ways of protecting computers from viruses. Introducing robotics and virtual reality.
6 Use presentation software in order to give presentations with the use of multimedia. Give an introduction to the types of software. To be able to introduce and give a brief introduction to artificial intelligence and cloud computing.
7 Regular use of spreadsheet software. Tell the code of conduct of using computer technologies and abide by them.


 Below are the lessons that integrate ICT skills in students.