Keep learning in the time of Corona

Due to the current worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, all of us are compelled to stay at home and practice social distancing. Consequently, all the schools are closed as well and there are no signs of schools reopening anytime soon. With classes, extracurricular activities and sports all at a standstill, how do we keep our children engaged and learning? They need some productive engagements as we believe that learning shouldn’t stop and this situation does not have to become a barrier in a child’s learning. But Karkhana can help you through this situation as we are partners in your child’s journey.

This resource set has links to free lessons and videos that our team has chosen from around the world. It also includes access to many Karkhana lessons for free. In addition to do-it-yourself lessons that are available for free, we are starting to provide digital classes that are facilitated by experienced teachers.

DIY: Do It Yourself at Home 

For age Groups:  7 – 12 years

  • How to make a Cup Robot?: DIY

    • Basically, this little “robot” is just a cup with marker legs that vibrates and spins due to the motor being off balance. As it jiggles around on a piece of paper, it makes interesting designs. So let us begin and make this homestay fun and productive.
    • For more details: How to make a Cup Robot?: DIY

For age Groups: 13- 16 years

  • How to make Pan Flute?: DIY

    • Here you will get to simple steps ko make Pan Flute, a musical instrument which based on the principle of the closed tube, consisting of multiple pipes of gradually increasing length.
    • For more details click on the following link: How to make Pan Flute?: DIY 

  • How to make Catapult?: DIY

    • A catapult was a simple machine. It was used to throw heavy objects at the enemy with great force. There were several different forms of catapult. Making Your Own catapult is a fun craft project and also an educational science experiment that can be done. So let us begin and make this homestay fun and productive.

  • Water Pouring Challenge: DIY

    • How will you pour water from a bottle to a glass? You will say that’s a very easy task. Just grab the bottle, tilt at the opening of the glass and you get water on the glass. But wait, do you wanna show some magic to your family while doing so? Know the science of being a magician.
    • For more details: Water Pouring Challenge: DIY

  • Hot and Cold water: DIY

    • You might have performed experiments of density with different materials right? Have you ever tried to compare the density of just water and water? You can do an experiment with just two glasses of water!
    • For more details: Hot and Cold water: DIY

  • Hovercraft: DIY Science

    • How does a car move? A car moves with the help of circular wheels right? Do you know any kind of vehicle that moves but does not have wheels or any moving mechanical parts? You can build a prototype of such a vehicle that glides over a surface with the help of air.
    • For more details: Hovercraft: DIY Science

Some Fun Activities! 

Other interesting resources for Parents and Children to cope COVID-19

EG Learning App for +2

EG Learning App for +2 is an e-learning platform for students of grade 11 and 12 to help them guide throughout the time of their admissions until their graduation. Here, students can find notes for each chapters and old questions with their solutions.

Major features of EG Learning App for +2 are:

1. Chapter Wise Notes
2. Old questions Collection
3. Questionnaires and Solutions
4. Interactive discussion for students
5. Helpful videos
6. Simple and Easy interface

You can download the app to get the support you need throughout your +2 journey.

To learn more and download the app:

We will be adding the learning resources, soon. Keep visiting us!