Maker Mentor

The Maker Mentor Program is an experience that will allow you to explore the Karkhana way of designing and delivering fun hands-on learning experiences. It is an opportunity to experience hands-on practical methods of teaching and learning. In the six days program, you will be trained to mentor young minds of age 8 to 14 using Karkhana products. 

The participants will have to be present physically for the six days event.

To apply:


  1. Facilitate student training sessions on using Makerspace
  2. Facilitate fun, hands-on, practical activities for 8-14-year-old students.
  3. Collaborate with Karkhana teachers and fellow Maker Mentors to run engaging events.
  4. Engage in your own learning and exploration.
  5. Support in successful conduction of events; technically as well as non technical.


  1. Eagerness to learn new skills
  2. Like getting out of the comfort zone
  3. Has skills with art, craft, engineering, design, music, science, or technology, etc.
  4. Curious and committed to developing the skills mentioned above
  5. Openness to the experience of meeting new people and sharing ideas.
  6. Availability to work during designated program hours.


  1. A creative, supportive environment to explore one’s own creative interests alongside students, fellow Maker Mentors, and  Karkhana teachers
  2. Opportunity to help young people build 21st-century skills and confidence.
  3. Supervised access and training with high-tech machinery, tools, and toys such as laser cutters, 3D printers, Arduino, Snap, Circuits, Makey Makey, and much more.
  4.  Maker Mentorship Certification
  5. Opportunity to work with Karkhana in the future. 

Application process

  1. Fill up the form before the deadline (December 31, 2021).
  2. Attend the Design Challenge after the initial screening.
  3. Attend the Making Maker Mentor workshop after final selection.
  4. For further information, contact 9801888822.

To apply:


Karkhana has helped me push my boundaries of professionalism, maturity and leadership. Working in this family of young minds, it has helped me build my future to be an entrepreneur.
The maker mentor program has helped change my perspective and thinking regarding ‘science and technology. It has given me an opportunity to ‘make and explore’ and help others do the same.